Below are testimonials from just a few of our very satisfied clients. If you are a prior client of CrossFit WorldPort and would like to add your testimonial here, please click the link below and fill out your comments in our contact submission form.


"I've been a member at CrossFit WorldPort for almost a year now and my golf game is at an all time high! I've lost weight, gained muscle, and can deadlift over 300lbs! I'm in better shape than ever."

— John Abdulian, 56

"I've been a member here for about 4 months and after previously being in the military, I wanted to get back into that kind of shape. I have since surpassed that goal and am now in the best shape of my life! It's tough waking up to workout at 6am sometimes, but everyday, I'm glad I do it!"

— Zuri Chavarria

"I lost 40lbs in my first 4 months at CrossFit WorldPort; 10lbs each month! Not only is the program effective, but most of the people in here have ended up becoming my friends. A group of us gets together every week to play indoor soccer and we dominate... But seriously."

— Gary Valdez, 22

"CrossFit WorldPort has helped me develop into the athlete I want to be. I am currently training to run the LA Marathon and the workouts we do in here have helped me prepare both physically and mentally. My whole family works out here! We love it!"

— Leo Deraney, 15