Personal Trainer

Your CrossFit Gym:
CrossFit WorldPort, located in a large, 3000 square-foot, indoor facility in downtown San Pedro, CA, uses the CrossFit methodology to help our members achieve maximum results. We offer daily group training as well as personal coaching individualized to your own skill level. Whether you are new to fitness or an experienced athlete, we have something for you.

Our goal at CrossFit Worldport is to deliver safe and proper functional training for our members, while emphasizing the importance of camaraderie and community. We promise to provide the best service possible while always putting our member’s best interests first.

Your Personal Trainer: Parker Robbins
CrossFit started for me like it does for most people. I was a member at a “globo-gym” when a friend and I decided to attempt one of the workouts posted on CrossFit’s main site ( Like most people who do CrossFit for the first time, we quickly discovered how out of shape we really were.

Having already been a certified trainer, I became a CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer and Certificate Holder shortly after. Since then, I have trained numerous clients using the CrossFit methodology to create a broad and — more importantly– measurable fitness.

After discovering CrossFit, I am in the best shape of my life. I can lift more and move faster than I’ve ever been able to. But while the physical results are unmistakable and beneficial, CrossFit has helped me in other ways as well. I am a much stronger person now, both mentally and physically. And my personal success with this program has enabled me to better help all my clients experience the same results.

I love working with my clients to help them achieve the goals they never thought they’d reach. Seeing their continued success makes me work harder every day. My mission is to make the world a healthier place, and as part of our family at CrossFit WorldPort, you are helping us conquer that goal! Become a part of our team today and join a community of healthy, active, friendly people who can’t wait to motivate you to reach your goals.