CrossFit WorldPort
CrossFit WorldPort, located in a large, 3000 square-foot, indoor facility in downtown San Pedro, CA, uses the CrossFit methodology to help our members achieve maximum results. We offer daily group training as well as personal coaching individualized to your own skill level. Whether you are looking to lose weight or increase your performance level in your sport, we have something for you.

What is Crossfit?
CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program that uses constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity to produce a broad and general fitness that prepares you for the unknown and unknowable.

Is CrossFit for Everyone?
CrossFit is for people who are determined to meet their fitness goals, are willing to step outside of their comfort zone, and who are intrigued by new challenges. CrossFit is highly effective for individuals looking to lose weight. Whether you’re trying to lose 100 pounds or the stubborn 5 that you've been trying to lose for months, we can help you get back on track.